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– J. Holmes, Conway, AR
– J Vaughn, Cole, OK
“My daughter thought it would be boring, but ended up loving it. The variety of specimens and being able to compare different animals was fun, as well as the the floor displays. She was amazed as how big an elephant skull was compared to her overall size. I was excited to go, but thoroughly impressed with the variety and loved the pathology portion. Completely worth it.”
– S. Kain, Blair, NE
“The kids didn't even want to go to your museum, but once we were there we couldn't get them to leave. They really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, I don t think they even realized they were learning. We had a blast. Very cool place you have. I am pretty sure it's the most amusing, thought provoking, educational, odd, amazing, mind boggling thing I have ever done in Oklahoma. Thank you for sharing this most unusual collection with us.”
– B. Liles, Salina KS
“My husband and I went it was a great place to visit. Going to tell our girl scout leader about coming there for a trip think they will love it. Would be a great place to have a camp out at. Thanks the staff was great and really friendly too. Worth the time and money.”
– N. Keeton, El Dorado Kansas
“I have visited the Museum of Osteology three times. It's an awesome Museum, interesting, educational, with a great set-up and environment. Just bought a yearly membership, and I am going to take my grand-daughter this weekend so I can show her the difference between a femur and a rib bone. I love it there.”
– J. Khoh, Del City
“This museum is amazing. We're already planning a second trip to OKC just to visit the museum. Thanks to Jay for answering my 11 yr old's questions about the exhibits.”
– M. Garcia, Burleson, TX
“My husband I took 3 of our grandkids to your museum they loved it so did we.”
– J. Taylor, Jones OK
“The best museum I have been to in a long time. Besides the extraordinary subject manner the museum was so professionally designed and presented and the staff was great. Just wish I lived closer to visit more often and bring kids from my high school. Thanks for a great day at the museum.”
– G. Murphy, Amarillo, Texas
“It was hard to imagine you could have that many really interesting visits packed into that building. There was much to learn , we could have stayed much longer. Kristi was a excellent teacher to the kids and was a pleasure to listen to. Very well suited to teach. Can't wait to visit again.”
– D. Mehan, El Reno
“Our second visit with 7th and 8th grade Life Science as well as the 9th grade Biology class. This time we took advantage of the Pathology and Forensic science programs they offer, and we were not disappointed Very informative and interesting for the kids as well as the teachers, I highly recommend including them in your visit. The exhibits are phenomenal, the staff are well informed and go out of their way to answer questions, which makes this both an educational and entertaining field trip for all ages.”
– M. Richards, Lawton Academy of Arts and Science
“The forensic osteology displays were excellent, and the cat heads were a real treat. Don t forget to stop in the gift shop and pick up a double-headed fetus candle and swoon over the owner's cute son working the counter.”
– K. Brown, New York, NY
“There is so much to look at! It was one of the most interesting museums that I've ever been to. It's interactive, informational, interesting!”
– G. S, Blackwell, Oklahoma
“Wow! What an awesome, unbelievable, great place to visit. We are excited to go back and this time take our grandchildren. One of the most interesting mind boggling places to go. To get the history of some animals and to see things we have never seen before is breath-taking. I can go on and on but I am running out of words. So amazing that it s hard to describe. We had a fantastic time.”
– K. Smith, Bethany, OK
“I absolutely loved this museum, such a great atmosphere.... I'm spreading the word and encouraging my friends to visit.”
– P. Wood, Oklahoma City
“We were so mesmerized by the various displays of the vertebrate kingdom. We especially enjoyed time spent utilizing the scavenger hunt worksheets that allowed us to pace our learning during our 3 hour visit. ... It was totally fascinating. We've never seen, nor experienced anything like it.”
– T. Compton, DeSoto, Texas
“... boy am I glad that I went. The displays were numerous, and within each of the displays there were a multitude of skeletons. Each was purposefully posed to enhance the understanding of the skeletons. My favorites were the striking King Cobra and the troublesome Raccoon eating a box of Milk Duds...It was very interesting and I enjoyed every minute... Very nice...very, very nice..GO! you'll be thrilled!!!”
– T. Advisor, Asheville, North Carolina
“We visited the Saturday before Mother's Day as a family and had a great time. Our kids are 30, 27, 25, 25, and 13, so finding something to do as a family is sometimes a challenge. The museum was fascinating and visiting with your family in the gift shop was an extra treat. I'd love to visit behind the scenes someday. I think I m the only one of our gang that is interested in that idea though. Thank you for building this for everyone to enjoy.”
– C. Cott, Tahlequah, OK
“This is such a great museum and has a great story behind it. I had seen the signs and my husband and I decided to see it on Sunday afternoon.You could stay a couple of hours easy, plus time for shopping in their neat gift shop. Great place to visit for adults and children at a very reasonable admission price. Loved being able to take pictures and touch the bones. Thanks for giving OKC such a one of a kind attraction.”
– R. Trip Advisor
“Phenomenal collection, friendly staff, awesome gift shop ... As a Biology teacher, I'm always searching for fun and interesting Biology .... even better than I expected! I literally had to stand in the entryway and take it all in for a few minutes.”
– M. Perk
“Perfect combination of learning and fun! Our whole family enjoyed this museum experience”
– T. Advisor
“We had our sons birthday party today and Jay and the rest of the staff was wonderful to work with. Jay took extra time to make sure the kids had a wonderful and educational experience. If anyone is looking for a place to have a great birthday experience, this is the place.”
– K. Ford, Bridge Creek, Oklahoma
“Visiting this museum was a very unique experience. I think people of all ages and interests would enjoy going.”
– J. Upshaw, McPherson, KS
“Today I visited the Museum of Osteology near OKC (Norman) Oklahoma. It was a GREAT experience. I'm normally more into space/technology/astronomy, but this was a FANTASTIC museum experience. I had a BLAST! I was geeking out over all the exceptionally cool displays.High quality and great quantity as well. Truly a one of a kind experience. Highly recommended. Fantastic displays. Very family friendly. A staff member went beyond answering my questions to walking me over to specific specimens to SHOW me the answer to my questions in detail. These folks LOVE their stuff and it shows. VERY highly recommended. And the gift shop was great too. Wonderful experience.”
– J. M, Stillwater, Oklahoma
“My daughter loved it here. The staff is really nice and friendly. They gave her a starfish, which she sadly thought was a snack ... she is two. She loved all the bones though and had a blast looking at them all. We will definitely be going back.”
– B. Harris, United States
“It was amazing to see such a huge collection of skeletons all in one place. The staff were extremely friendly, the admission price was more than reasonable, and the gift shop is one of a kind. I can't wait to bring my friends and family back here!”
– N. D, Yukon, Oklahoma
“Took my grandkids to the museum. We all loved it. was so informative and interesting. I have told all my friends about it and will go again myself as soon as possible. This museum is my favorite in oklahoma. You rock.”
– D. Haase, shawnee, ok
“You will rarely spend such a low price for so much. Wow! were we surprised and enthralled viewing the inside story of members of the animal kingdom we knew and did not know many in their natural habitats. The genetic anomalies were a definite bonus.”
– C. C, Green Bay, Wisconsin
“Our daughter is really into anatomy, and paleontology, so when we saw this place advertised...we made plans for a visit. We weren't disappointed. The museum space is huge and well laid out. We walked around for about an hour...marveling at all the specimens and snapping tons of pictures. We started to leave, we stopped by the gift shop and the owners were there. They were the sweetest people! They took the time to answer all of our questions and even introduced our daughter to their cute little pet marmoset. Really cool museum and great owners. Go out and support them! You'll have a fun time!”
– T. Advisor, Las Vegas, Nevada
“We visited after seeing a leaflet in our hotel, without thinking to check the Tripadvisor reviews. We were a bit worried when we saw from the outside how small it looked, but we were instantly engaged when we entered the main room. So much so that we almost missed the large skeletons in the middle of the room, we were so busy looking at the cases round the sides. The exhibits are very well organised into species groups, and the small size of the museum actually helps with the presentation as you can see all the examples of a particular genus in close proximity to each other and compare and contrast them. It's amazing how closely skeletons from different species do resemble each other, and does fit the suggestion that they came from common ancestors. It's a shame that the museum felt the need to place a sign defending the scientific presentation of the theory of evolution here, it wouldn't be necessary in a museum in London. The curators have done a fantastic job, and I wasn't surprised to find it listed as a top attraction in Oklahoma City.”
– T. Milhouse, London, United Kingdom
“We found it very interesting, educational and fun. Would not ever have guessed that a company and museum of this quality was in South Oklahoma City. We will certainly tell our friends and bring our grandchildren to see it.”
– M. Lebuck, Ponca City, Oklahoma
“I visited the museum twice this year while visiting OK City and I consider both visits to a highlight of my entire year. The incredible accessibility and high quality of the beautiful exhibits must be seen to be believed. It s well worth a long road trip to see this museum. I had a long conversation with the owner while there and enjoyed his warmth, engagement, and passion for both bones and user-friendly science. SUCH A DELIGHT”
– M. Stanfield, United States
“This is an incredible experience. What a jewel of a museum. The exhibits were so well thought out and laid out. So fascinating and entertaining. And the admission price was great. So many other places are almost too expensive to visit. Will definitely recommend this museum to all my friends and family”
– V. Tarleton, Midwest City, Ok
“I was very impressed with the museum itself, but blown away by the time Jay and his staff spent with my students. Jay took my students into a classroom after they finished up the scavenger hunt and went over each question with them. He also took the time to answer the many questions from the students, adults and teacher. It was one of the best experiences and trips that I have shared with my students. I cannot wait to go back and take my young son”
– T. Spangler, Bristow, OK
“This is the best staycation place in the world I brought my 3-year old granddaughter and we both had a blast, she went up and down the stairs and around and around both floors over and over and over .... and wanted to go back the next day We shall be returning quite often Thank you for being so kid-friendly, too Not many places will let children roam free without dogging them constantly You are fantabulous.”
– K. Maloy, Norman, OK
“I will admit, when we drove up, I wasn t quite sure what to expect. But then, we walked in the front door and I was simply amazed. It has been a couple of weeks later and my family still talks about it. My 15 year old daughter now wants to become an osteologist. To top it off, many museums are all about the money. Here, we find a great museum that has low entry fees and even lets you take pictures You even gave us a military discount We will be back.”
– D. Cannady, OKC
“We have gone all over Oklahoma this summer, and this was our favorite place so far! It is a hidden treasure. It is a very professional, knoledgeable, and awe-inspiring place. I have told everyone i know to go and visit this place! The admission is cheep, well worth your time and money. We will definately be going back!”
– T. Wrdr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“Plan ahead for a visit to the Museum of Osteology in OKC. It is located within easy driving distance from downtown OKC and no trouble to find at all. When you think of a collection of bones you probably think 'gross'. This experience is far from gross and they have complete bones- from human, humpback whale, giraffe, bats, mice, etc.... You could spend as little as 30 minutes taking a quick look around or 2 hours really checking it all out. They even have streaming video that highlights how they clean the carcass to get the finished product on display. So very interesting. You just have to visit the gift shop as well.”
– T. Wrk2play, Oklahoma
“This was my second visit to the Museum of Osteology. It is the most fascinating and informative museum I have ever visited. It is up to date and the presentation of the exhibits is creative and amusing and educational at the same time. The curator is always available to answer questions, and I have not been able to stump him. I live in Saint Paul, MN, but visit OKC every couple months and I plan to go back every time.”
– T. Timmer83, Saint Paul, MN
“I took my young daughter and a friend to the 'Bone Museum' and was so impressed. It was cost effective, educational and a lot of fun. I love the 40ft humpback whale! The staff was so friendly and helpful. This place is a hidden gem and should be visited by all.”
– K Coffman, Shawnee, Oklahoma
“This is a world class museum. You will not find a better collection of skeletal exhibits anywhere in the world.' I've been to most of the world's great natural history museums, and this rivals the best in terms of the quality of the skeletons, the masterful fidelity of the articulations, and the elegance of the exhibits. It's not a huge facility, but boasts one the most comprehensive and educational exhibits of skeletal material that I've ever seen. Definitely worth the visit.”
– J. Tripadvisor, Arlington, Texas
“WOW!! What a wonderful educational experience we had at the museum. The scavenger hunt was a hit!! I wanted to check the museum out for a future field trip for my high school Zoology students. Yes, I will definitely schedule a trip for the 2011-2012 school year.”
– M. Ice, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
“I have been there several times and each time I return I learn something new. The people that are there to help you with any questions you might have are awesome. The experience is one that can only be explained as ,' a wonderful place for all ages'. Please remember to take your guests to this wonderful museum. I will return again and again. You sure get a big bang for your buck!! You can even buy a t shirt for 15.00 and then get in for free after that!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”
– B Jenk, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“I took my 7 year old son and we both had a blast. While its not the largest museum we have ever been to, we spent well over 2 hours exploring. My son has a new found respect for learning and discovering. Even though we all have them, we both learned new and unexpected things about bones.”
– E Ayle, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“I found this attraction on-line and am so glad that we added this into our trip. We waited until the last day and almost didn't go, so glad we did it was one of the funnest parts of the trip. The owners work on-site and are so nice and helpful to answer questions. The exhibits are out of this world and better quality then some I have seen in big name museums and science centers. They had a seek-n-find sheet to keep little ones entertained and everything you could imagine in the gift shop. We came home and told everyone we know about it and will be going back anytime we are in the Oklahoma area!”
– L Nell, Amarillo, Texas
“This is a great place! Jay and his staff have done a wonderful job with their exhibits of the bones of so many different creatures! The display are educational and FUN to look at. Hey, who knew an Anaconda had so many bones!?!?!? The staff is great and the facility is extremely clean. I am so happy we were able to visit! The Museum of Osteology is a great place for EVERY age!”
– A. Plano, Plano, Texas
“This was a WONDERFUL place to visit! Everything was well labeled and explained-very educational. It was neat, clean and well done! It was also very cool inside (about 102 degrees outside) and there were cushioned benches available all around. We were amazed at the number of exhibits they had in this one building! There were full skeletons of an elephant, giraffe, hump back whale, rhino, hippo, beluga whale, killer whale, dolphin, large cats, primates, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The owners were very friendly and took their time to answer questions and talk to us. It was also interesting to see the footage of multiple shows on which they have been featured (including: 'Dirty Jobs' and 'Weird, True and Freaky') This would also be enjoyable for young children (4 years old and up).”
– P Hodges, Shawnee, Oklahoma
“This museum is wonderful. It is well put together, and very informative. There are many sections to view. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it is actually quite large and there is a lot to view. The scavenger hunt for the children is also cool. It's great how you can touch the bones and ivory and feel it!”
– S Wrain, Memphis, Tennesee
“I took my grandson to the museum in January. It was Soooo Much fun Thank you for an informative and exciting day. I am recommending a visit to all our friends.”
– D. Turner, Michigan
“I wanted to thank you Jay & all your staff for making our visit to your museum guys showed my fiance, her mom, and I the collection and showed us some extra behind the scene stuff as well. You are all top notch from the get go!! Thank you and we will be back!! -Tom & Melissa”
– T. Weidler
“My boys & I soooo enjoyed your museum today! I am gonna tell EVERYONE about it! Awesome stuff!!”
– E. Friese , Oklahoma
“We had a great visit to the museum today. Totally amazing! You have a wonderful collection with fun displays.”
– G. Damery, Norman
“While visiting a friend in Oklahoma, we visited the museum and absolutely loved it. I will definitely visit again when I come back. Totally fascinating”
– G. Weaver, Indiana
“Had a great time at the Museum today. The last time I visited Skulls Unlimited you were on Shields! Your collection is fantastic!”
– A. O'Brien , Oklahoma
“Absolutely loved the museum Haven't seen anything like this one My family had an awesome time Thanks so much. Will return.”
– J. Tennant, Mid West City, Ok
“It was awesome I went there today with my class I really liked the humpback whale hanging over everything.”
– C. Brown, Oklahoma
“We really enjoyed our visit this week with our 5 year old Grandson, Great experience for all of us He is planning to tell all about it to his class when spring break is over. Thank you so much and he loved that he could touch things as well.”
– S. Slater Miller , Oklahoma
“We visited the museum today with our grandson and were very impressed in many ways, the displays, the personal attention from Jay, the hands on experience as well as photographic opportunities which all added up to one very excited 5 year old. Jay, the owner was very personal and interested in our thoughts as well and he visited with us a few times during our visit. Our grandson is already sporting a tee shirt and a patch and is asking for help to make a poster to share with his class after spring break complete with the pictures we took with him today. We highly recommend the museum”
– N. Miller, Choctaw, OK
“We visited with our 5 year old grandson today. This is an incredible place. Fun. Interesting. Extremely affordable. We all had a great time, learned things & will definitely return.”
– S. Myers, Oklahoma
“I'm so happy and proud of the museum.”
– S. Shropshire, Norman, OK with the Pioneer LIbrary System
“Like the site...Favorite bone site I have been to so far.”
– A. Kolenovsky, Houston
“Your museum was the best ever. My grand kids were asking when we could go back before we even got out of the parking lot. I cannot say enough about our visit except it will not be the last. The kids range from 5 to 14, and they all enjoyed the museum even more than the museum of natural history in Norman. Thank you so much for what you have done in our area.”
– C. Trimmell

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